Cataclysm is Released 7/12/2010

by admin on December 7, 2010

Hey Folkes,

As you may or may not know Cataclysum expansion for World of Warcraft has been released today, a revamp to the old world of Azeroth, this means alot of new content to explore and the need to upgrade all your lovely addons.

Already I’ve seen alot of the usual sites overloaded by demand for addons, so I’m mirroring here at the top addons, if you have any requests dont hestitate to comment and let me know and I’ll get the addon mirrored.

To get these simply search for the addon you desire or check out the gamers file directory,  cant find what you need? let me know, gamersfiles is here for you, enjoy the new expansion in wow.

– Kielan

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