Half-Life 2 – Fistful of Frags Mod v3.5

by admin on April 21, 2011

This is a great Wild west mod for HL2, giving you the chance to play coop or single player missions, such as push the cart, escort, last stand etc.

It has a duel tournament with free aim revolvers for enchanged realism, death match bots improve your skills off-line if you want to play single player, there’s also a nifty player progression system that measures the players contribution to the team noting several area’s like combat, objectives and teamplay.

The full customization is great, you can spend your notoriety points on weaponry skill and some cool visual customizations which includes 20 distinct items, it also allows you to kick ass with a dual wield system that allows you to combine any pair of hand guns, up to 36 combo’s.

I had allot of fun with this mod  I know you will to.

Download: Fileplanet

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