AdBlocking Blocked

GamersFiles is a free website. We do not charge anything for the information that we provide. We spend a lot of time sourcing and preparing the files that we list for you. Everyone who works on does so completely free of charge, spending their free time to prepare information for you.

As such, we have decided to block all visitors who are using AdBlocking software. Our adverts are hand picked to ensure you do not get any annoying popup, expanding, double underlined or audio adverts. Our adverts are added in a way that ensures they are non intrusive and do not take control over the content within our website. We are not asking you to click on our adverts or even pay attention to them, all that we ask is that you do not block them.

You should deactivate your AdBlocking software or browser addons and then revisit our website. You may need to restart your browser before revisiting our website.

Thank you for your time.