Witcher 2 – Carrying Weight Mod

by admin on July 19, 2011

Author: Bill Jahnel


This Mod was sent in, it’s great for all of you who are tired of having weight restrictions in Witcher 2:


I don’t care for the weight limits in Witcher 2. They created a complex rafting system — without you being able to be logically aware of what items you MIGHT need later, and no way to store items. A number of mods have attempted to tackle this problem by individually changing Geralt’s weight limit (moding geralt_basic.xml), which seems to have been broken in 1.2, or by individually going through and modding a lot of items — something that conflicts with many other item mods and is terribly time consuming.


I have modded the def_weights.xml file so that all items who property of weight of .1, .2, .5, 1, 18, and 20 are all equivalent to 0 (weightless). This means no having to change item by item. For example, now schematics and most crafting items are weightless, because each has the property of .1 weight or .5 weight or 1 weight — which in Geralt’s “Weight Watcher’s” world now has 0 weight.

Why 18 and 20 as well? The two armours you are bound to start with now weight 20 each — therefore making it so you can learn to play with armour enhancements early without having to sell one or the other before you have decided between them.


Place def_weights.xml in CookedPC/items in your Witcher2 directory.


Delete the def_weights.xml


Use an xml editor. The properties for each weight class are listed as a min and a max. change these values to what you wish — you can 0 out all weights, half the weight of only the heaviest items, make Geralt auto-encumbered for having a single recipe — it’s your call.

Download: EasyShare / Mediafire


Dragon Age 2 Nude Mod

by admin on July 4, 2011

Author: Thor925


Here’s a genuine working nude mod for Dragon Age 2, about time xD, good work TNT



Extract the 7z file with 7zip
Add the erf files to your override folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override\

To get the body sets added to your inventory, you need to use the console

Command: runscript tnt3

NOTE: Only “TnT_Body00 – Main File.erf” is extracted to show up in game.
Extract any, or all, other variants you want to add.


Replaces Hawke’s Underwear. 13 variants. Console not needed Download:  EasyShare / MediaFire

Replaces Hawke’s Home outfit. 13 variants. Console not needed download:  EasyShare / MediaFire

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    Hosting Service Down

    by admin on June 18, 2011

    Duckload has been taken down by German authorities for rather obscure and unproven reasons, therefore we are currently switching to Mediafire, we are sorry for any inconvieniance caused by the transition.

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      The only Mod which allows players to choose all 14 known nations and 8 new ones with a full working homecity.

      TFE Launcher and easy install program included. No savegame cities like other mods deal with… Its is for players who love the good old age and it is for players that need something new.

      – 8 new and 14 old nations included in 6 leagues: The Northern Contract, Southern Confederation, Eurasian Union, Commonwealth, Global Defense League, Asian Pact – all 22 nations are playable with own homecity

      – new textures for units, buildings, projectiles and landscape – 4 new useful natives – fixed all known bugs of the orignial game

      – new GNRC nation choosing system – hundreds of new technologies, buildings and icons

      – new politicians, sounds and units,formations and strategies

      – new possibilities with the GNRC Rules – new user interface

      – AI in Version 1.5 -you can play the 14 old and new nations in huge battles against each other


      Download: ModDB

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        Oblivion – Dibella’s Watch

        by admin on May 24, 2011

        Dibella’s Watch adds an entire new continent to Oblivion. It comes complete with a major city, castles, towns, villages, farms, monasteries and all the good stuff that makes up a Medieval landscape. There’s also fighting to be had and quests to be made! This is beta still, but very much playable.



        1. Unzip all the contents of the .zip-archive to your Oblivion/Data folder.

        2. Use OBMM (Oblivion Mod Manager) to activate the .esm and .esp files supplied with Dibella’s Watch

        3. The Load Order is still sensitive. Load DibellasWatch.esm RIGHT AFTER Oblivion.esm (otherwise the mod won’t work), then load DWAnvilTransport, and load DWIngameMap.esp last efter all of these above.


        Download: EasyShare / DuckLoad

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          Willow – A Better Companion Experience

          by admin on May 16, 2011

          Author: llamaRCA










          Willow is a girl companion added to the NV gameworld. She has over 600 lines of voiced dialogue, written and acted specifically for the mod by the author. There are other characters involved in the quests in the mod, and they are fully voiced as well, although primarily by game assets. There are five quests in the mod. Two of them make up the foundation of the experience of having Willow as a companion. The others are accessory quests which go along with traveling with Willow. You may or may not ever do them. One is quite simple and small and there purely for the fun of it and the others are there for structure and flavor.

          Willow can be found on the road South of Primm between the Nevada Highway Patrol Station and the Nipton Road Restop. She has a backstory and a history that will be revealed to you through conversation and her Idle Chatter.

          Her tagged skills are Speech, Barter and Survival. Her weapon skill is Small Guns. You will receive a perk automatically when you hire her, the Siver Tongue Perk, which will raise your Speech skill by 30 and your Charisma by 1. There are other perks to be earned in the mod as well.

          Willow is faction neutral and can wear faction armor. She has no interest in politics and does not care which faction you align yourself with. She also does not care about your behavior from a karma perspective. Her primary concern about your behavior is how you treat her.

          Her features become available at different points in her quests. Some things do not become available to you until you have discussed them with her in dialogue even if they should be available per the quest. Talking to her is very important. What she says gives you clues about how to proceed in her main quest as do quest updates and the notes you receive in your Pipboy. I recommend that you check your Pipboy whenever the quest updates if you are feeling lost about what to do next about her.

          Once she joins you:

          – She has an antivenom script so if she is poisoned, and you have put Antivenom into her inventory, she will use it. She will use one no more than every 30 seconds if she is being re-poisoned.

          – Willow has a script that keeps her following you throughout the Mojave. This makes sure that when you travel through doors, etc that she stays with you when she is following you. If, for some reason,you have gone quite a long distance and she still has not shown up, you can use her radio(once you have received it) to get her back to you.

          Once hired

          NOTE: Players have been taking Willow’s ammo. Don’t take the ammo she has in her inventory. That’s for her rifle. She doesn’t scavenge any ammo. Sorry for the confusion.

          – Her dialogue is handled through the companion wheel. Although the vast majority of her dialouge occurs outside of the wheel.

          – She will set up a campfire for you to use. She can also cook a few recipes when it is set up.

          – She will sit down when you do.

          – You have a “radio” to use to:
          -go to her position
          -remove her from the “frozen like a statue” thing companions sometimes do after combat
          -call her back to your location from wherever she is

          – Her weapons are automatically confiscated at the casinos and at The Fort.

          – She “scavenges” for stuff. She finds caps and various items which are added to her inventory.

          – She keeps a container for you that she cannot touch. You may keep anything in it that you wish. For example, she can carry armor and helmets in it that she will not equip.

          – You can ask her to guard an area on “alert” (with her weapon drawn).

          – If the player takes the Ferocious Loyalty Perk, Willow is affected along with the vanilla companions.

          – There are consequences to “firing” her.

          – Her idle chatter begins. This feature cannot be turned off, but she only comments once every 5 minutes and will also comment in a few locations in the Mojave. You may turn off her singing (or compliment her on it).


          – She will sleep on her bedroll if you ask her to.

          – You can give her a house marker to send her to to wait.

          – You can give her gifts.

          Best Friends Forever

          – You will be able to give her commands during combat. These include the ability to tell her to:
          -follow you without attacking
          -flee the area
          -wait without attacking

          – She will sleep in a bed if you ask her to.

          – She will sandbox if you ask her to.

          – She will cook for you. Using her Survival skill of 100, she asks you to bring the ingredients and then you get to choose anything on the menu and she “makes” it for you.

          – You can suggest to Willow that she grab a bite to eat. This will get her to sit down (or stand if there is no place to sit) and she will eat for a couple of minutes.

          – You can ask her to unholster/holster her weapon when you do so.

          – She will unlock her clothes.

          Romance (If you choose to pursue this option)

          – She will provide you the opportunity to have a fade to black “sex” scene with her. It is repeatable.

          Extended Friendship

          – You can see her collection through dialogue.

          Unarmed Training (if you choose to do the quest/meet the objective)

          – She will fight with Unarmed or Melee weapons.

          – She will loan her beloved rifle to you.

          To install: The NVWillow.esp and the NVWillow.bsa go into your data folder.

          -There are some loose folders. Put the Sound folder contents into your Sound\Voice folder.

          -Here is the interesting part.
          The other folders are Meshes and Textures and should go into Meshes and Textures folders obviously. But, These folders control her body meshes and textures. You have complete control over that. I have given her the Type3 Cali Body with the Feminine Small Hands and Type3 textures. You can easily change her body type by changing the contents of those folders.

          Download: EasyShare / DuckLoad

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            Author: nebulous3


            This file contains all four versions (Red Temptress, Red Temptress High Beams, Dark Temptress, and Topless Temptress) with the glossy “vinyl” reflectiveness fixed.

            Very sexy armor overhauls for Bethany, you wont be dissapointed.

            Installation / uninstallation is standard:

            > Remove any previous mods which alter Bethany’s texture.

            > Add whichever version suits your fancy of Neb3 Temptress Bethany “.erf” file / remove from “Documents, Bioware, Dragonage II, Packages, Core, Override” folder.

            Download: EasyShare / DuckLoad


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              Superb compilation of the best S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat mods and Graphical, sound and gameplay overhaul.


              Download: ModDB

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                Dragon Age II – Anthracite Robe

                by admin on May 3, 2011

                Author: FokSiGen


                The mod adds to the game the armor set (robe, hood, boots and gloves) for a human female mage or rogue. It appears in the inventory after the installation of the mod (once) or after starting a new game. Stats: improves with level-up.

                To install: Download and unpack
                Place ‘Anthracite Robe 1.1’ folder to documents/BioWare/Dragon Age 2/packages/core/override















                Download Robe for Rogue: EasyShare / DuckLoad

                Download Robe for Mage: EasyShare / DuckLoad

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